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Vijay Wadagbalkar

I am Vijay Wadagbalkar, B.Com., LL.B., FCS, RFC, RVCC. , a Company Secretary with 25 years of corporate experience as Company Secretary now turned into a Health Care Professional and can certainly guide you on How to live life fully. I am a Professionally Certified Diabetes Educator from Indo Vietnam Medical Board and a Brahmavidya Children’s Course Teacher.( I am also a Network Of Influenza Care Expert (NICE) and as a TEAM of 750+ NICE Experts, we have cured 60,000+ Carona +ve patients with zero medicines, zero hospitalization and zero mortality by using the technique of fasting under Mentorship of Dr Biswaroop Chowdhari (, ¨Hi, Friends, I am glad to inform you that by following a DIP DIET (Disciplined Individual Person) plan of DR Biswaroop Choudhari, and also adopting the Whole Food Plant Based Diet (Vega Food) as recommended by Dr Neil Bernard (, not only I am free of my 5 years old Diabetes and High blood pressure problem and most importantly, I have positively impacted 250+ patients to change their Breath, Eating the right food, and thinking positively , thus resulting in freedom form obesity, high blood pressure and Type2 Diabetes leading to health ,happiness and prosperity to them.


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Join My “New Healthy Lifestyle Formula Program, a 12 months New Journey from presently having one or more of lifestyle-related disease such as type2 diabetes, high BP, excess body weight, heart disease to being having absolutely healthy athlete body with spiritual progress- Click the instamojo payment link below to buy the Silver membership ( Lifetime access to 20 Educational videos+ weekly Inner circle meets+ Become part of Community of the Likeminded peoplecaring, sharing and growing together to live medicine-free) for Life Life-:

Vijay Wadagbalkar

What People Are Saying

"Eat the Right Food and live Medicine Free Life"

" Thanks to Shri Vijay Wadagbalkar ji for your Healthy Lifestyle Formula Program, that I am free from my 15 years Diabetes and High BP Medications. I have dropped my weight by 3 kgs in a month and reduced my waistline by 2 inches, and most importantly, my energy levels have improved substantially.

Shri Sharat Jain, Chartered Accountant, Mumbai India

"We are indeed very grateful to Shri Vijay Wadagbalkar ji for having rendered selfless services during 2020 for his untiring efforts in guiding us to get out of carona fever and zero fees, I with zero medicines, under the able mentorship of Dr Biswaroop Chowdhari with a team of 500+ NICE (Network Of Influenza Expert) Experts, who were instrumental in curing 60,000 carona patients with zero medicines, zero hospitalization and zero mortality, I Seema Vasudev, Mother of Atul Vasudev(11 Years young son of mine) got cured of carona fever in August 2020 and I express my sincere gratitude to Sri Vijay Wadagbalkar for his dedicated Selfless Services"

Smt Seema Atul Vasudev From Srirampur, Madhya Pradesh, India

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